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Se siamo insieme domani è già qui

On April 24, 2009, in Milan, fithy-six Italian singers, “Artisti per l’Abruzzo,” got together to record a song in memory of the 309 victims of the earthquake that on April 6, 2009 devastated L’Aquila, the capitol of the region in Abruzzo, in central Italy. All the proceeds, 1 million euros, went to the reconstruction of the theater and conservatory in L’Aquila. Above is the music video of the song "Domani 21/04/2009". Can you recognize any of the singers in the video?

This Blog post was submitted to ITAL by Antonella Olson - Distinguished Senior Lecture at UT and ITAL's education advisor. We tend to some times forget about the past and in Italy's case this was one day that effected the whole entire country only 7 years ago.

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