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Making Baccalà with Chef Panico

Everyone loves Chef Panico! One of our dearest ITAL characters (Module 4), played by the extremely smart and talented Pietro Panico. Chef Panico has been one of ITAL's greatest collaborators, whether that is exciting people to come to many of our TFT screenings both in Italy and in Texas, or by supplying us with tasty recipes for our newsletter, or just by sharing his relentless and contagious enthusiasm about life that has been so much needed at different times of our journey.

Chef Panico is also part of a very interesting idea of "ITAL Real Life Experiences" that we have been developing for some time. Check out the video! The Chef Panico Experience offers everyone who likes us and enjoys ITAL, the opportunity to hire our lovable character for an amazing day of food, wine and experiential Italian culture, available both in Rome and in Puglia.

In the spirit of Christmas we made some fantastic Baccalà alla Romana with Chef Panico this past December when we were in Rome; well, we actually just saw him make it and also ate it... yumm.. but it kind of felt like we all did it together!!! So, we leave you here with a set of pictures we took at the Vittorio Emanuele market where we went to buy the ingredients with Chef Panico, as well as some nice pictures of him making the tasty dish.

And below some pictures of Chef Panico actually making the dish. Since we were told it was a SECRET recipe there will be no text accompanying the pictures; that said, we're sure you can learn how to make it just by looking at the photos!! Do remember, whatever you cook, follow Chef Panico's golden rule: "take your time!!" ; )

Voila! Baccalà alla Romana by Chef Panico!


Wondering what's next?

Check out the editorial post of this newsletter where we discuss the future of ITAL and Tiramisu For Two and how you can stay in touch with us after this last public newsletter...

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