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Ghali releases "Cara Italia"

Well, Ghali is back with another song.

The song is called “Cara Italia,” a completely new single that seems to continue that “neo-world music” sound that was already explored in songs like “Vida” from his last album. For those of you unfamiliar with Ghali; he is one of the biggest stars of the Italian music scene.

Despite the economic challenges that Italy has had, in the past 3 years Ghali has been able to catapult his career from zero to Number 1, using technologies such as Youtube and a very strategic 360-style of marketing that includes merchandise, a magazine, and different other elements besides the music.

Ghali is one of the two main musicians that genius producer Charlie Charles has been developing. The song came out January 27th as a music video on Youtube and on Spotify. (Watch video below) You can also read this Facebook post that Ghali released through his social media.

What do you think about Ghali?

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