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Tavola Italiana - Yoga in Italian with Erin Frank

For over 3 decades, students of Italian at the University of Texas at Austin have been able to get together every week to practice their Italian at a community-discussion group known as Tavola Italiana. This initiative was started by the one and only Antonella D. Olson, who has volunteered her time for all these years - yep, you heard right, volunteer! To foster a sense of community among students and give them an opportunity to make sure that students are able to improve their conversational Italian outside of class. She has also made the Tavola Italiana a place where everyone is invited, which provides an opportunity for UT students to interact with other students of Italian of the area, officers of the Circolo Italiano student organization, as well as with Italians and Italian-enthusiasts who live in Austin. This year La Tavola is trying out new ideas so its attendees experience Italian in different forms aside from the typical “let’s-sit-and-talk” format. This upcoming Wednesday, February 21st, the Tavola will be held at Pure Yoga studios (Downtown Location - 507 Pressler St #100, Austin, TX 78703), for the first ever Yoga in Italian with Erin Frank!

Erin is a former student of Italian at the University of Texas and a former Rome Study Program alumnus - she participated twice!

Who has dedicated a great deal of her life to the learning and teaching of Yoga. She lived in Rome and taught yoga there; therefore, she has a good understanding of the Yoga community in Italy and how it differs from the United States. To top off this incredible and unique experience, Erin will be using a special mix of Italian trap created by ITAL!! The class is open to everyone on a first come-first served basis! We suggest arriving at least 15 minutes before class starts (3:30 pm) so you can claim your spot. As a way to give back to the community, Erin will be doing this class for free!! And Pure Yoga studios will be donating the room as well for this special class. Men, Women, Young, Old, you are all invited to this amazing class with Erin, an experienced and professional yoga instructor! And for those who will be unable to make it, here’s a video of Yoga in Italian that you can do at home. Obviously, it’s not even nearly as cool as what this next Tavola Italiana will be! ; )

You can also check out this document with the vocabulary words in Italian that Erin will be using during her class.

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