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Conference of Italian Researchers in the World

This past December 12th 2013, we had the privilege of being part of the 9th Conference of Italian Researchers in the world.  

The event was organized by the Texas COM.IT.ES, which is a fascinating entity made up of different brilliant people (entrepreneurs, scientists, scholars, etc) whose main purpose is to watch for the interests of the Italian nationals that live in this region of the U.S. (Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas and Oklahoma)

We will be unveiling more info about the COM.IT.ES in our next few episodes of the Texan Italian Stories documentary series.  Our next episode as a matter of fact will have as focus "Texan Italian innovation" and we'll show some of the different interviews we did at the conference, as well as some of the people that we met there and connected with later on. 

The topic of innovation is Key right now.  We're definitely moving for an industrial age into a creative age.  In today's world ideas mean a great deal... if not ask Mark Zuckerberg.

What's interesting about the Italian way of innovation, is that Italians have always been able to find a great balance between innovation and excellence in execution.. artistry

Either way, this was a super quick video we put together in a couple of hours with some web footage to promote this amazing initiative.   If you missed the conference this past year, sorry for you.. if you miss the conference next year, then.. well..   uhmm... don't.  It's super interesting stuff.    A lot of great work is being produced here in Texas by Italians, work in areas such as Cancer research, diabetes, semi conductors, etc... things that can and will have an impact in your life and the lives of your family. 


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