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What is ITAL?





Language allows us to connect with one another; Storytelling allows us to strengthen those connections. 

Think of the entire ITAL project as a storytelling laboratory, where Trained Storytellers have crafted hundreds of Texan Italian stories in many different forms, from blogs, documentaries, educational videos, to entire feature films. 

The goal of this laboratory is to inspire YOU to tell your story; to take control of your language learning experience through telling and sharing stories with others.   


ITAL also proposes a new model for community-driven language learning for the college level student of Italian.  This innovative model is powered by Communication Infrastructure Theory (CIT) and focused on enhancing the levels of Transcultural Competence (TC) in students, as recommended by the crucial MLA report of 2007.


The ITAL project has four main types of stories:

Community (blog, news, social, events), Language/cultural education, Entertainment and Documentary.

ITAL is created by Tiburon Transmedia

 Please contact us if you have any further questions. 

You can also review the websites' Privacy Statement.

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