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Examples of Student Blogs

Examples of Student Digital Stories

Travel group (Spring 2013)

We feel this group of students best followed the ITAL Digital Story guidelines; this video was able to identify a problem and came up with a call to action.

Technology (Spring 2014)

This group made a great video around their chosen topic, conducted a valid research, and find a community member who truly surprised us. Watch the video and see. 

Fine Arts Group (Spring 2013)

Excellent use of the Digital Story model: finding members of the community and interviewing them to help strengthen the video. 

Food Group (Fall 2014)

In this video there is a very interesting and well-documented history of Italian food with suggestions on how to avoid fast food

Food Group (Spring 2013)

We found this video to be entertaining and full of interesting facts about traditional Italian food. This group interviewed three people from the Italian community of Austin including one professor.

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