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Module 1

Listening Comprehension: "Cani Italiani"

Video Synopsis:
Dogs are very dear to most humans; however, we feel that we know very little about the relationship that exists between Italians and their dogs. 


In this video we give a short background to students about the long synergy that dogs and italians have had for more than 2000 years; then we talk about Flavia and her relationship with her last dog that passed away.    

Video Implementation:  
We made very strong choices in order to create this video that we hope will be of your help.   Among those decisions are:

- Presenting Youtube.It and different videos made by real italians about their dogs.
- Keeping a very strong story, lenghtening musical breaks to prolong the time that it takes to explore each specific sub-theme.
- Making a video that is much more hectic than your average comprehension test. 

Having said that, we recommend this video as a Take-Home test in order to encourage the students to research (google) the cultural themes that are being presented, instead of wanting only "to understand what people are saying."     

Some of our suggested Exam Questions to exercise comprehension, cultural knowledge and media literacy:

1.- What song was the dog singing in the youtube video?

2.- Why do you think that the second video has so many views?

3.- What's the name of the TV show where the lady is being interviewed, and who are the main characters?

4.- What was the name of the lady that is being interviewed, and the name of her dog?

5.- Based on how much you know Zia Flavia until now, why do you think she named her dog Frida. 

6.- What point is Romina trying to make by telling us about the relationship between Frida and Flavia?


7.- Based on this videoWhat are the differences between Italians and Americans when it comes to caring for their dogs?

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