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Module 1

Comprehension Exercise: "Youth in Italy"

Video Synopsis: 
Ettore, a PHD candidate at the University of Texas introduces us to the theme of this Video:  "Youth in Italy"

Although Italy is the world's 8th largest economy, its unemployment rates are through the roof.  Young people in Italy are having a very hard time finding a job, which is forcing them to have to get out of their country; that said, some find good reasons to stay there.   

This Video is divided in different parts, here are the "Shortcuts" to each one of them video:
First Warm Up section: 
Second Warm Up Section:
The actual Exercise:


Links to related content for this video:

- A new & popular video-zine Sto Magazine filled with interviews with Italy's rap/trap artists.

- The very popular site Vice in Italy, with tons of interesting articles. (Some articles are kind of racy)

- A very popular magazine, the XL, which is published by La Repubblica newspaper. 

- Link to the Graduate Program of UT Italian dept, in case you want to follow Ettore's path. 

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