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Module 3

Ragione 3: "L'Italia fa parte dell'Unione Europea"

This video is our own humble tribute to the European Union project.  We understand that there are a great deal of negative aspects about the European Union; however, we also think that people tend to underestimate the potential that exists in bringing so many different countries and cultures together under the same umbrella.   

It is important to note that this video was made a few years before Brexit; an event that has put into question the necessity of a centralized European power.   We take no sides.   In fact, we recommend you use the video as a platform for your own conversations about the European Union and its relevance in the post-Brexit era.

Family businesses featured in this video: 
Carmelo's Ristorante Italiano:

Owned by Carmelo & Hillary Mauro

Since the creation of this video, Carmelo's has actually closed its door in Austin, Texas.   You can still enjoy their food at their Houston location.

Featured in this Video: 


Anibal Ojeda 
Venezuelan born, Dutch Citizen, musician, programmer, jack of all trades.   He and his wife Krista, along with their two sons: Noah and Xavi, hosted us in their home in Utrecht this past summer 2012. Here's some of the music that Anibal has created:  


Luca Ragazzi & Gustav Hofer 

Two acclaimed directors from Italy. Their documentary "Italy love it or leave it" has won numerous awards throughout the world and traveled an incredible number of festivals. . 

When not making amazing films - or traveling the world presenting them - Gustav works as a journalist for a french/german TV station, and Luca works as  a renowned film critic in Rome. 
Here's the trailer for Italy Love it, or Leave it - Trailer - 

Alessia Paolicchi

Director of the Italy America chamber of commerce in Houston, Alessia is a person that is very much plugged in to the Texas-Italian community.  She spends a great deal of her time traveling back and forth from Houston to diverse parts of Italy to help Texan and Italian businesses communicate and relate with one another.   Alessia's impressive warmth and charisma makes us extremely happy that someone like her is working in improving the business relations between our two dear countries.

Website of Italy-America Chamber of Commerce:

Connect with our guest musical act: Major Major Major.

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