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Module 3

Culture Bits: "Ragione 1: Biz all'Italiana"

This is the first answer to the Central Question of the Module 3 Center Piece: Reason 1 why we think Italy is relevant today?  Answer: It is a pleasure to do business with Italians. 

You will have to work with people from other countries and cultures as you pursue any career; so, why not work with Italians?  

For those who have watched the "Culture Bits" segments in Module 1 and 2, you will see that this video has a different format.   That said, also notice that we are still asking people to tell us something about themselves, and then having others "act it out" as a way to provide inspiration for those students doing the "skit creation" exercise.    

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About our featured Guest Anna Katrina Davey:

World traveler, Polyglot Anna Katrina Davey owns her own business where she provides intercultural training for people from diverse background.   If you are interested in moving somewhere in the world and you want to know how make the adaptation process smoother, then you should talk to her!

Visit here site:  Cultural confidence.

Italy America Chamber of Commerce Texas:

Italian American chamber
Martin Morales:

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