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ITAL proudly presents

Tiramisu For Two

A Texan Italian comedy about connections & disconnections set in San Marcos,Texas and Rome,Italy

Giorgio (Bob Olson) has gone to Texas to finally find the woman he loves, someone he had met in Italy more than 30 years ago named Hope (Melody Chase).   What was supposed to be the most amazing moment for Giorgio suddenly changes into a complete mess when the infamous Valentino (Peter Gonzales-Falcon), a phony Italian chef, decides to complicate Giorgio's plans and drags him into the wildest ride of his life.   Just when everything seemed doomed, TJ (Daniel Hill), a mediocre Italian student, comes to Giorgio's rescue by helping him translate his story.  Tiramisu for Two is a dark comedy in Italian and English about the connections and disconnections we establish in this very complex and yet silly world we live in. 

Learn more about the unique process we used to create Tiramisu for Two

Watch also the short film "Life of Giorgio" that inspired the feature film

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