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Module 2

Culture Bits: "Il vero Texas"

Our hosts, Ettore, Chiara, and Martino are Italians studying at the University of Texas at Austin. With their help and insight, students will be able to create a story of their own and subsequently perform a skit connected to the theme of module 2: "Traveling South" 


This video has been created to expose students to a more dynamic concept of Italian culture that is not necessarily confined to the borders of Italy.   We also draw comparisons between the south of U.S. and the south of Italy, as a way to help the student understand that despite the obvious differences that exist between these two places, there may be also a great number of similarities. 


Links to related content:

- an amateur documentary with interesting footage and info about one of Lockhart's best bbq shops.

- Check out ITAL's award winning series "The Texan Italian Stories" to get some more info about the incredible Italian community in Texas.

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