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Texan Italian Stories

"Texan Italian Innovation" (in English)

In December 2013 we were invited to present research on the ITAL project at the IX Conference of Italian Researchers in the World in Houston, Texas. We not only accepted the kind invitation, but decided to bring our cameras with us. The events we saw, heard, experienced and recorded that day set the stage for the creation of this episode. Enjoy.

Special musical guest: 

Sicilian Carmelo Salemi! 

Song featured "Alveari" from the album "HYBLA"

©2001 FolkClub EthnoSuoni 

This episode also features music from spaniard Jahzzar - A musical genius who shares most of his music online for free for others to use


Featured in the documentary

the Piqued Jacks are a young up and coming Italian band.

Check out their work & purchase music here:

Music featured from their album

Just A Machine

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