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Texan Italian Stories

"Houston IACC" (in English)

Our first episode of the Texan Italian Stories, a bit less complex than the others but we still hope you enjoy it. For this episode we travel to Houston and spend some time with the Italy-America Chamber of Commerce of Texas who were celebrating their monthly aperitivo at Arcod'Oro restaurant.


The Multi-Ethnic city of Houston is home to the largest concentration of Italians, Italian Americans, and Italian enthusiasts in Texas. In this episode you will meet some of the movers and shakers who make up Houston a major player in the world of business in the United States.  


One of the most interesting stories we found in our Houston trip was the one behind the company Bellelli Engineering, which challenges the stereotypes about Italy's business world by having

its entire executive staff composed of vibrant young people under 42. 


We strongly suggest you take advantage of gatherings like this to make new friends and get a better understanding about what the Italian community is doing here in Texas. 

We're extremely excited about our special musical guest,

Sicilian Carmelo Salemi! 

Song featured "Alveari" from the album "HYBLA"

©2001 FolkClub EthnoSuoni 

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