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With thousands of views, Mia Zia Flavia is one of ITAL's most popular videos. The reason? We think it's hard not to fall in love with zia Flavia!

ITAL members have the chance to ask Zia Flavia whatever is on their minds.  Yep, you ask, and she will respond on a monthly blog post titled "questions to Zia Flavia."

Leave your question as a comment below!

Module 1

Center Piece: "Mia Zia Flavia"

Romina was born in Austin; her mother is from Rome. 

Throughout her life, Romina has always wondered what it would have been like if she had been raised in Italy instead of Texas.  For this short documentary, Romina spends a day with her aunt Flavia, someone who has always lived in Rome.

Some of the Cultural Themes (conversation topics) in this video:

- 1st generation Italian/Americans who still have family in Italy.

- Differences between U.S. and Italy.   

- Being a Woman in Italy.  

- The Divorce Referendum of 1974. 

- Daily life in an ordinary neighborhood of Rome (Via Tuscolana)

Go deeper,

Check out these links related to the themes in this video:

- A peer reviewed journal specifically devoted to gender and sexuality in Italy.  Co-Founded by award winning academic Dr Paola Bonifazio.  .

-Most popular newspapers read in Rome: La Repubblica and Il Messaggero


-Here's a link for Rino Gaetano's classic song (w lyrics) featured in the video


-A link for the master piece Anima Latina album by Lucio Battisti featured in the video. 


-Wikipedia Entry regarding the Divorce Referendum of 1974


-The website to the National Italian American Foundation


-Wikipedia entry for Via Tuscolana, the main street of the Tuscolana Quartieri. 


-Striscia la Notizia, the popular Veline packed news.


-Bio and page of Daniela Bini, our guest academic in this module. 

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