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Module 3

"Io amo l'Italia"

Having already mastered ITAL's first two modules, you should now be more than ready to tackle the very special Module 3: Io Amo L'Italia"- Featuring very special guests, such as Dacia Maraini, Luca RagazziGustav Hofer Ivan Silvestrini, Fabrizio Nava, and more.


To begin exploring this module, we recommend watching the center piece hosted by distinguished senior lecturer Antonella Olson from the University of Texas at Austin. As of 2018, a great deal of the content of the video is now dated, that said, there are many topics of conversation raised by the video that are still very much relevant.  

Module 3's center piece also sets up the central question that all other videos in this module will try to answer, that is: "What makes Italy relevant today?." 

To answer that very important question, each video of Module 3 provides different "reasons" why you should consider Italy a very relevant part of today's global society.     We want you to look beyond the food, the landscapes, the art, and everything else you may know about Italy so you can appreciate the true foundations of the Italian spirit. 


If you are using this module in class, contact us to inquire how you can create an entire experience where blog writing, and video creation help students provide their own answers to the central question. 

Why do YOU think that Italy is relevant?   write your comments below!

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