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Module 4

"Raccontami una storia di Roma"

"Raccontami una storia di Roma"

Watch Intro Video to Module 4

Behold ITAL's Module 4! 

This is our most recent and still active module.  It is focused on the city of Rome, although we are expanding it with more stories in other parts of Italy and the world.   This module is a storytelling map created with Google's "my maps" free application.  The map contains different geo-points; each geo-point contains a written story, 3 challenges where we ask students to expand the story, and some type of supporting media (pictures or videos) that can be used for inspiration or exercises of listening and comprehension.

For Module 4 we tried something different.  Instead of creating full blown digital stories with narrator, we have created shorter pieces of different styles.  Each video was shot (or partially shot) at the exact same location where the geo point is placed on the map.   Have fun with the videos, some of them are in Italian, some in english, and some do not have words.  


We are always uploading new stories to this module. Check back often.

Contact us if you have any questions regarding the creation process of your Module 4 blogs and/or video stories.


If you're having problems uploading the map, you may need to sign on to a Google account.   If you still have problems, then try a different internet browser.  

If you still have problems, sorry, Google maps is a free tool, it's pretty awesome but it's also buggy.

Thoughts, comments & ideas about Module 4?

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