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"Il legame con l'aqua"


world renowned Italian writer

Dacia Maraini.

Module 3

Part 1: "The Italian Imagination: Intro"

The Italian Imagination - Intro Video


Intro - Italian Version:

Intro - Spanish Version:

Intro - English Version:

Ecco, our last "reason" why Italy is relevant:   No other country sees life, the way that Italians see life. 


The Italian imagination has changed the world.  From ancient Rome, to the era of the big explorers, to the renaissance, to the rise of the catholic church, to.. you name it...  Italians have injected their energy and vitality into practically everything!


The Italian Imagination is a very special multi-video series that describes the process that Sergio and Romina (ITAL's creators) went through to create the film Tiramisu for Two.  The videos contain no subtitles; however, we are including different versions in English and Spanish (see links above).  We recommend you watch videos in your mother tongue and then watch the version in Italian.  This exercise can help you improve your listening and comprehension skills.  



The Italian Imagination

First Component: "Il legame con l'acqua"

This is the second installment of the Italian Imagination series titled: "Il legame con l'acqua". This video features an interview with Italy's renowned writer Dacia Maraini. 

In this episode we focus on the importance that the symbol of water has in diverse aspects of Italian culture and Italians in general.  Check out the links below for other versions.

The Italian Imagination - Part 1 - Il Legame con l'acqua

Part 1 - Italian Version:

Part 1 - Spanish Version:

Part 1 - English Version:

"L'influenza di altre culture"

features Italian director

Ivan Silvestrini. 

2nd Component: "L'influenza di altre culture"

The Italian Imagination

Behold the third installment of the Italian Imagination. This video features an interview with Italy's up coming director Ivan Silvestrini.  In this episode, the host Romina Olson, explores how the influence of other cultures shapes the way that Italians think. 

Part 2-Italian Version:

Part 2 - English Version:

Part 2 - Spanish Version: Coming soon!


The Italian Imagination

3rd Component (Intro): "La ricerca della perfezione"

The Italian Imagination's grand finale will come out soon. Stay tuned!

Use the comment box to tell us your thoughts about the series!

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