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As a member you can stream ITAL's feature film "Tiramisu For Two"

Bobby is not Italian but he is a great example of an Italophile who has been obsessed with Italy for most of his life.

Module 2

Center Piece: "The New Italian Viaggiatore"

Bobby Olson plays the role of an expert "Italian Traveler" who is tired of talking about the same places year after year. In the last couple of years he has discovered a hidden gem in southern Italy were the landscape is stunning, the food is delectable, and the people are kindhearted.   Enjoy this ITAL "docu-fiction"  as your introduction to module 2. 

Some of the Cultural Themes in this video:

- Traveling outside of your comfort zone

- Differences between northern and southern Italy

- Historical cities, beautiful beaches, wonderful landscapes

- Culture of the south

- Italian southern hospitality

Related content: 

- a link to Liberato's stunning video "Tu T'e Scurdat' 'e me" in Neapolitan dialect

- The MEDITA project, Mediterranean Diet archive in italian

- A link to a trailer for the Italian film BENVENUTI AL SUD

- A link to Eric Edwards/Antonella Olson's fantastic Italian Grammar and Culture Podcast Radio Arlecchino. 

- A link to an amateur digital story about traveling in Sicily.  We think this video could serve as inspiration for those of you creating your own digital stories.

Our very talented actors featured in Module 2's

Center Piece: Bob Olson & Eric Edwards

Eric is a trained actor and Italian instructor, 

Bobby Olson is the actor of our ITAL film Tiramisu for tWo.


Note: None of these two actors are native 

Italian speakers.  We wanted it that way. 

Most people that try to learn Italian will not

even reach the level of these two gentlemen. 

Non native accents are also part of the beauty

of the Italian language; if that wasn't the case, 

it would be really sad for everyone who's 

trying to learn it. 

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