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Cultural Modules

Enjoy all ITAL modules; including our celebrated Module 4: Raccontami una storia delI'Italia


"Un giorno nella vita di un Italiano"


"Verso il Sud"

Four ITAL modules. 

Four different themes

Four ways of increasing transcultural competence.

Each video of each module is carefully created to make you think, feel, and see Italian culture like you have never seen it before.  This is why most people who are able to find ITAL through the clutter of the internet, end up falling in love with this project.


Contact us if you need any help in figuring out how to make the best out of ITAL's educational videos and modules.

All intermediate classes of Italian at the University of Texas at Austin are currently using our Interactive Storytelling Map of Rome (aka Module 4) throughout the entire semester, including our recommended method of implementation, which makes student run their own blogs and create their own digital stories, as a crucial part of their grade.

If you feel like geeking out, you can also read the 3 main academic papers that inspired us to create this material: FIRST ONE; SECOND; THIRD.

“Americans need to be open to the world; we need to be able to see the world through the eyes of others if we are going to understand how to resolve the complex problems we face.” - Daniel Akaka (as cited in the 2007 MLA report)



"Io amo l'Italia"


"Raccontami una storia dell'Italia"

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