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Module 3

"Ragione 2: Perchè il cibo e fatto a mano"

Yes, we know, in Module 3's center piece we said "food" shouldn't count as one of the "Reasons" why Italy is relevant... however, this "food" video is not just about "food;" it's about the philosophy of cooking all'Italiana!!   In fact, we hope that next time you eat Italian food, you remember this video and  understand that "cooking Italian" is not about achieving a certain taste, but about embracing a different way of seeing life.     Buon Appetito!  


About Our Host: 

Lucky Sibilla is an Italian artist, chef and entrepreneur who lives in Austin, Texas. Lucky is from Taranto in the region of Puglia, Italy.  Lucky has worked in Austin for several years, owning a very popular gourmet trailer called Lucky's Puccias.  Since the creation of this video, Lucky has been able to expand his trailer into a full blown, brick and mortar location of Lucky's Puccias and Pizzeria. In March 2013 he also became the very proud father of an Italian-American baby girl!   

Family businesses featured in this video:

Lucky Sibilla di Lucky's Puccia-Austin,Texas

Daniela Marcone di Andiamo Ristorante-Austin,Texas

Gianni Cappellanti di Paris Ristorante-Roma,Italia

Jeff Conarko di Con'Olio-Austin,Texas

Segovia Produce 

This video is dedicated to Jeff Conarko from Con'Olio, who passed away in 2016. 

He was an Italophile who pioneered the concept of bringing farm-produced extra virgin olive oil to Austin, Texas. He founded Con'Olio, still the best place to buy olive oil in Texas, hands down.

Musical Guests:

Stefano Intelisano & Giulia Millanta (from Module 1's culture bit)

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