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Texan Italian Stories

"TexMex Italians" (in English)

Finally, our fifth and last episode of the Texan Italian Stories documentary series. This particular documentary is centered on the Texan Italian community of San Antonio. Through different interviews with Italians, Italian-Americans and Italophiles, we tackle the theme of diversity within diversity in a city that has been a multicultural hub for centuries. 
We recommend for you to watch this episode in your home, in a nice screen with nice sound. Watching it on a phone while you're on the go, may not allow you to get all the different things we put into it, starting with the amazing music of Carmelo Salemi and Javi Suarez, our two brilliant european collaborators. Enjoy!

Big thanks to all the ITAL "Believers" who funded this program and thus made its production possible. 

We had the chance to take more time this time around as well as travel to different places, just because of your support. Thank You!


Please support the musicians featured in this video:
Carmelo Salemi "Alveari" (Sicily)
from the album "HYBLA" ©2001 FolkClub EthnoSuoni


All other music by Javi Suarez aka "Jahzzar" the Creative Commons God!! 
visit to listen more of his music


Hosted By Romina Olson
Written/Directed by Sergio Carvajal-Leoni
Camera Work: Romina Olson and Sergio Carvajal-Leoni
Editing: Sergio Carvajal-Leoni
Community Coordinator: Jordan Garcia
Communications Intern: Claire Soto
Academic Supervisor: Antonella Olson Del Fattore


Texan Italian Stories is a production of ITALCHANNEL.TV:

Creating edutainment video tools that highlight Italian and Texan Italian culture.

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