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Module 3

Center Piece: "Una Domanda per Te"

Antonella has lived outside of her home country for a long time. Lately, she has been able to balance her home-sickness with the aid of new technologies that allow her to keep up with family, friends, and current events with much ease than ever before. Living outside of Italy has also given her a new perspective of her home land.  


Antonella appreciates that Italy is everywhere nowadays and that most people see the bel paese as a place filled with fascinating history, breathtaking landscapes, amazing art, and some of the best food in the entire world.  That said, she often wonders if people are really able to see beyond the stereotypes and truly understand the different elements that make Italy such an important country in today's global society. 

What makes Italy relevant today?  That is the question raised by this video and explored throughout this entire module.

Some of the Cultural Themes in this video:

- Texas and Italy similarities

- Current Italy:  The best and the worst. 

- Italian Stereotypes

- Things that make Italy famous.

- Perspective of someone who has left her home country. 

- Diversity within Italy.

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