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The MEDITA PROJECT by the Italy-America Chamber of Commerce of Texas

We present to you the MEDITA project, a super interesting digital archive of the Mediterranean cuisine. Here's the website for it.

The website packs a very impressive number of videos all in Italian (which you can use to practice) as well as information (in english & italian) regarding the different regions of Italy where you will find dishes that are part of the Mediterranean diet.

There are more than 60 recipes on that site, people!!.. a great deal of the videos also feature regular people from different regions of Italy making some very amazing recipes that are going to debunk the stereotypes you may have about Italian food.

The project is a unique collaboration of different chambers of commerce of Italy, spearheaded by the chamber of commerce of Matera. This initiative came inspired from a larger project that the UNESCO has started which looks at Media literacy as a tool for intercultural dialogue. You can download their first book here for free.

Uhmmm.. media to promote intercultural dialogue and preserve culture digitally for the future? Basically, the same EXACT principles that ITAL has had since its beginnings. Coincidence or Interconnectivity? you decide.

Please enjoy this wonderful initiative today, and hopefully that archive stays there for ever in the digital atmosphere to remind everyone of that amazing cultural treasure that is the Mediterranean diet.

It is a pleasure also to announce that one of our ITAL believers and dear friend Alex Brandon, a professional VO artist, musician, composer and sound guru, collaborated with us to make this piece happen.

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