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The Italian Cultural & Community Center - Past, Present and Future

We're happy to present to you a very special piece we created in collaboration with the Italian Cultural and Community Center in Houston, TX.

The video is part of our "sponsored community announcements" where we team up with different non for profit organizations of the Texan Italian community to tell a story about them. For us it was a pleasure to get to know what the ICCC is all about; the more we dug in, the more cultural wealth we uncovered. The story of Tannie Trapolino and those first Italians who created the Federation of Italian Cultural Centers of Greater Houston, for example, is a pretty epic story.

So, here it is to the ICCC, to its past, to its present, and to its future.

We think it's very awesome that this organization has come such a long way, and that they now count with such a great mix of Italians, Italian-Americans and Italophiles.

Remember this is a NON for profit organization whose main purpose is to promote Italian culture and language. That said, please get involved if you stand behind it. These organizations are in the community for YOU. If you feel that something they are doing could be improved, then be an active part of it!! Although do make sure you look at their packed program first, you may be surprised by all of the different things that Tiziana, Ray, and the rest of the staff are already doing.

This is the second video we make in collaboration with our ITAL believer and dear friend Alex Brandon, a professional VO artist, musician, composer and sound guru.

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