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Recently, we traveled twice to the United Kingdom and I can honestly tell you that I heard more Italian spoken in the streets than any other language besides English. On top of that, I saw more Italian restaurants and “pizzerie" than any other type of eatery. There are almost as many Italian places as pubs. No joke.

According to the 2011 UK census, there were 131,195 Italian-born residents in England. Thats a lot of Britalians! So why so many Italians in England? Well, mainly because of the rise in unemployment in Italy among the young educated people. Plus, what better place for an Italian to learn and perfect their English? I enjoyed traveling to London, Stockton, and Manchester, but the UK is really expensive! However, this doesn't seem to stop people from making the big move. Also, Italy is only 2 hours away by plane and flights are fairly reasonable.

On that note, cheers to all you Britalians and best of luck in the UK.


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