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Breve E Dolce

Hey guys, a few posts back we talked about how England is a destination for Italians seeking job opportunities and bettering their English. Well, I met an Italo-Venezuela in Birmingham, England earlier this year and he shared with me a nice memory about Italy that he often thinks about when someone mentions Il bel paese.

Talking to JuanFranco I learned that there is a town called Marina di Camerota, located in the Campania region, that is populated with many Italo-Venezuelans. I had never heard of Marina even though I visited Cilento with the Rome Study Program, which is in the same area.

To give you a little bit of history; a great number of people from this small town migrated to Venezuela at some point in the 20th century but given the political turmoil that Venezuela is going through nowadays, many of these Italians and their Venezuelan kids have returned to Marina. In fact, JuanFranco explained to us that the Italo-Venezuelan community is so large in that town that they even have their own Simon Bolivar statue, the liberator of Venezuela.

Trying my best not to sound cheesy but I truly feel you need to get out and talk to people! You’ll get so much out of it.

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