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Fellini, A place to meet in Houston!

Ok, I would say that it is pretty safe to say that most Italians are social individuals. Italians like to be around other people and other people like to be around Italians... let's face it, hanging out with Italians can be a lot of fun!! That said, being outside of Italy is not the same. Even though happy hours in Texas are quite fun, we have been lacking cafes and restaurants that can offer that good Italian aperitivo atmosphere that you find in Italy. Luckily for us, Fellini opened a new location in Houston.

We went to Fellini Caffè in Houston for the monthly aperitvo of the Italy-America Chamber of Commerce of Texas. There we got the chance to meet the owner of Fellini, Salvatore, a man with a huge personality that definitely knows how to make people feel at home. We appreciated his commitment for wanting Fellini Caffè to be a meeting point for Italians. He sees it as his mission, to bring people together and give them a great space where they could feel comfortable, satisfied, and open to connect with one another. Certainly a mission that we can stand behind 100%.

The legendary filmmaker Federico Fellini focused a lot of his movies in that idea of people coming together. In a way, he brought together thousands of people, from regular folks, to actors, to people working in his films. He was passionate about bringing people together.

We believe maybe Federico would be proud to know that this passion has influenced people like Salvatore, who does everything he can to make sure that the Fellini's mission of bringing people together is still alive at large at his cafes in Houston, Texas!!

Until next week.


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