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FrenchItalian Trap to cool off your Summer!!

The most exciting new music in the world right now is coming out of Italy and France

As you may or may not know, there's an incredible cultural renaissance happening in Italy and France right now, more specifically in the city of Milano. You can call it the FrenchItalian Trap movement, although mistaking it for only "trap" music would be a bit unfair. Trap is the term usually given to a new breed of Hip Hop that is an evolution of Southern (US) Hip Hop, electronica, R&B and some Dubstep. In Italy, nonetheless, Trap is its own MONSTER. Mainly due to a 22 year old genius producer named Paolo Marchetti or better known for his producer name: Charlie Charles. A 21st century Antonio Vivaldi.

Charlie Charles created his own Trap 2.0 by writing catchy and intricate songs and melodies, laying them on top of very interesting multilayered beats, and mixing diverse rhythms from different regions of the world. As fascinating as this could be to you, merely two years ago, in 2015, nobody really knew who Charlie Charles was. Charlie was working as a bartender in the Milano area, making beats and songs mainly for two of his friends: Ghali Amdouni and Gionata Boschetti, whom would later become two different characters of his music world with two very distinctive styles: Ghali and Sfera Ebbasta. In other words, it took only two years for these three young friends to become Italy's most important musical acts, thanks in large part to new technologies, especially, distribution platforms such as Youtube.

The most incredible part of the FrenchItalian trap movement is the collaboration that exists between different artists, promoters, entrepreneurs, storytellers and audience to properly push each one of the singles. The entire movement would have been impossible without filmmakers who also took the risk and created engaging videos for each song. Most of Charlie Charles early singles, whether with Sfera Ebbasta or Ghali, were released as music videos. These music videos started simple and became increasingly more complex, inspiring a new wave of music video directors to outdo each other on a regular basis and make some of the most exciting videos you've seen in a while. A great deal of this video-centric model of distribution is also owed to artists such as SCH and PNL, French trappers that pushed every song with simple yet interesting videos, prompting the Italian trappers to follow their lead. Among some of the most prolific Italian directors you'll find are Federico Merlo, Alexander Coppola, Martina Pastori, Federico Lombardi and Jamie Robert Othieno just to name a few. One of the most famous new Italian directors is named Alessandro Murdaca, who started making videos for Charlie Charles at the incredible age of 17. Alessandro's videos have way over 50 million collective views and the guy is constantly pumping out new videos every month, yet if he were to travel to the US right now, he would still be unable to legally drink beer.

With all that said, knowing that the Summer is upon us (!), we thought to give you a great gift. We created two different Music Video Mixes that include many amazing new songs from the FrenchItalian trap movement. The first mix is a bit more pop oriented and it includes some cheesy but good non-trap dance hits as well as some interesting trap tunes that are fairly popular. The second mix is focused mainly on trap, it is a bit slower and more obscure and it includes some other acts such as Izi, Tedua and the impressive newcomer Laioung (RRR mob) who are also very fantastic. That's perhaps the most awesome part about this cultural movement, the different characters that are part of it. You will see neo-punks like Achille Lauro, artsy ladies like Priestess and funny stoners like Caballero and Jean Jass. The diversity of styles, view points and flavors is absolutely incredible as well as the high quality of their material. It really is some of the most exciting new pop-art happening in the world right now.

The songs contain bad words, drug usage, etc, so use with care. We are releasing this for educational purposes only, meaning, we own none of the copyright and think that if you love what you hear you should follow those artists and buy their music. You can download full HD video files (over 6gb of content) or just the Mp3 (only audio) version. Blast it, have a good time, and get inspired. If we are contacted by the artists concerned about their copyright, we will take down link, so take advantage of it as it lasts.

Mix 1 Mp3 - (audio only)

Link To music Video Mix 2 (slow-underground hits) password: TTM-M1X

Mix 2 - Mp3 (audio only)

If you want to practice your Italian, check out also all the videos by STO magazine, which have a great deal of information about the best Italian Trap artists as well as regular interviews. They have also great stories such as this one, created by Antonio Dikele Distefano who has been part of the entire movement since the beginning. STO is also Ghali's own brand of media, lifestyle and apparel.

As a final note, we decided to focus on Charlie Charles, leaving more pop-oriented acts such as singer/filmmaker Favio Rovazzi and superstar Fedez on the side. That said, the enthusiasm and viewership that Rovazzi's songs have brought to the entire scene have also been instrumental in pushing this entire cultural movement. Fedez, hardly criticized by everyone for being extra cheesy, should also be credited for strengthening the "Italian" aspect of this renaissance, making songs in Italian and pushing Italian culture around the world, like he did with his last single "Senza Pagare" which creates a link between LA and Puglia. You have been now introduced to all of this, it will be up to you now to research more about all of these and other artists.

Enjoy ; )

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