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FrenchItalian Trap Mix #3

A few months ago we shared with you two MP3/Video mixes packed with exciting new music from Italy and France. On that occasion we introduced you to new characters of the Italian music landscape such as Charlie Charles, Ghali, Tedua, Izi and Sfera Ebbasta; young folks in their early twenties who in 2016 revolutionized the Italian music industry by creating their own version of “trap” music and uploading cool and inventive music video-singles on Youtube. Fast forward to late August 2017, now all these guys have become household names in Italy, perhaps killing a bit of that “indie” feel that made them so appealing, yet still wowing the crowds with fresh-new music never heard before in the “Bel Paese”.

In this new mix we have the pleasure to introduce a new, very interesting musical project that has adopted the name “Liberato”. One of the most exciting aspects about Liberato is that it is from South Italy, unlike most of the other new musicians who all tend to come from Milano. Furthermore, all of Liberato’s song are in beautiful Neapolitan dialect, which gives the music a very unique and fascinating feel, which is further enhanced by its impressive two music videos which celebrate the cultural wealth of Napoli in a thoughtful, tasteful and somewhat melancholic way. Add to that the fact that no one knows the actual identity of Liberato, who makes guest appearances in his video “Tu T'E Scurdat' 'E Me” (In English: “You forgot me”) as some type of anonymous musical super hero! A fantastic combination of art, music and culture wrapped into one incredible project!

Here are the download links:

Download ITAL Video Mix:

Password: culturaleducation

(4.2 Gb - Full HD Mp4)

Download ITAL MP3 Mix:

(70 mb - Mp3)

The mix also includes a new entry by Italian rapper Priestess, who has been doing some very interesting work with her last three singles. It is important to note that many of these artists aren't recording albums; instead they’re just putting out singles in the form of music videos on Youtube. For example, Liberato has only released 2 songs as two videos and only by doing so he has become one of the hottest new artists in Italy! This breaks all the old paradigms from the standard music business. You will also notice how weed smoking (marihuana) has become a recurrent trend in practically all music videos, perhaps a “californication” of Italian culture that is pushing the new generations to challenge traditional Italian society norms.

Mixed with the newcomers, there are a few entries in this mix that come from more mainstream artists such as Gue Pequeno, J-AX & Fedez and Baby K. You will notice how most of their songs feature a "latin" beat, certainly riding the wave of the latin revival spawned by the hit song Despacito.

As with the other mixes, we are sharing these videos with you for the purpose of cultural education; we believe that each one of these pieces are a clear example of Italy’s ever evolving creative and cultural power. This means that we do not necessarily endorse the viewpoints of any of the folks featured in our mix. We are merely introducing you to what’s now happening in Italy and encouraging you to broaden your mind about what Italian culture really is.

If you are a scholar working in Italian culture, we believe you should consider further exploring this music renaissance as this is something that is happening right now! At the very least we definitely would love to stop hearing anyone who complains about Italy’s stagnation; these young folks provide a proof that Italy is always moving and constantly surprising itself.

As a final note, we encourage you to go through Youtube and watch some of the many documentaries that are being created about the “Nuova Scuola”. We recommend some of the content that Noisey is creating. In this particular documentary they highlight the infamous “Dark Polo Gang”, a trap group from Rome that has become extremely famous in Italy, despite its eccentric antics, shallow viewpoints and bizarre music videos. We feature their single “caramelle” as the closing song of this video mix. Love them or hate them (many feel the latter) they are a fascinating example of new Italian culture that should be taken seriously, especially when their videos have gathered more than a hundred million views and their way of seeing life is being celebrated by hundreds of thousands of young Italians.

Enjoy! ; )

ITAL team

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