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How John Paolino's love for Italy helped him close a very important family loop.

We have already told you all about our New Mexico TFT stop; we had a fantastic time and got to meet incredible folks such as Maria and Bob Berry, as well as all the amazing members and supporters of the Italian Festivals of New Mexico organization.

Two of those beautiful people we met in Albuquerque were John and Cathy Paolino. They shared with us a fantastic family story which we now have the pleasure to share with you in this special 5 minute video-story. Enjoy!

We hope this story inspires you to want to reconnect with your roots just as John did. We at ITAL whole-heartily believe it is extremely important to know where one comes from; even if it is just out of respect for all those wonderful people who lived and dreamed at some point and are directly responsible for you being here.


Wondering what's next?

Check out the editorial post of this newsletter where we discuss the future of ITAL and Tiramisu For Two and how you can stay in touch with us after this last public newsletter...

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