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The end of an era, the beginning of another one!

Yes, it is true, you are now reading the last open ITAL blog post and our final Newsletter. If you have been with us for a while, you have to admit that it has been a very interesting ride!

We have created a storytelling experience for over 5 years, where the audience has been encouraged to actively participate in the process. It has been an amazing experience that allowed us to interact with thousands of people from diverse backgrounds, nationalities, beliefs and political views, who share a common love and admiration for the fantastic country of Italy.

MARK THE DATE: January 13th 2018!

That's Bobby Olson's birthday! and also the beginning of these important changes:

- On January 13th, we will stop both our ITAL and TFT Facebook accounts.

- The current ITAL site will become available for members only. (and original "ITAL believers" upon request)

- Existing ITAL videos will remain open on our Youtube channel, some will be moved to "unlisted."

We invite everyone who has enjoyed our work to continue the journey with us by becoming a Tiburon Transmedia member. Members will receive our bi-monthly newsletter as well as many other benefits listed below:

Squalo Tigre: $4.95/mo or $50/yr

- Subscription to our TTM Bi-monthly newsletter.

- Access to all the ITAL/TTM content, including new content we may create. - Access to streaming our film Tiramisu for Two!

- 15% discount in all TTM merchandise - 10% discount on storytelling services by Tiburon Transmedia - A signed full color flyer of our Rome TFT screening, mailed to you personally (year plan members only) + Plus many special opportunities that will be open to our very dear members.

Grande Squalo Bianco: $25,000/yr

(please write "Grande Squalo Bianco Membership" in subject line) - Everything in ITAL basic. - 10 minutes of TTM customized video storytelling a year for your personal & family legacy, your organization or your small business. This special offer includes guaranteed 5 days of production + 2 days of consulting/pre-production. - Special gift 11x14 photo print w/ Art frame by Romina Olson; personally handled, shipped and signed by Romina.

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