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Tibi Crockett’s beginning of semester cooking challenge!

We present to you Tibi Crockett, one of the many alter egos of Tiberio, the coolest Brittany Spaniel in the world! Tiberio (aka Tibi) is featured in ITAL Modules 1 Cani Italiani video.

Apparently he’s also very much into cooking, well, more into the eating what was cooked part of the process. So, in celebration of a new semester here’s a cooking challenge that Tibi Crockett has for you: - Make a Panzanella Toscana or Romana (from ITAL's video in Module 1). Post picture of your creation in the comment box that exists in ITAL’s home member page. You can also give link to a youtube video. Compliment your picture (or video) with a message (text) of maximum 140 characters.

We will pick our favorite picture/message combo. Videos will get extra points; as well as those who decide to write the message in Italian. Top three pics will get the following prizes. 1.- A nice chocolate treat from Venchi - some of the best Italian chocolate.

2.- An Italian “Topolino” comic book - improve your Italian reading comics.

3.- A poster of the Rome screening of ITAL's Tiramisu for Two Autographed by Bobby Olson!

And for those of you who can’t get enough of Tibi Crockett, well, here are some other pictures of the same adorable photoshoot!

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