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Your Spring Break Italian soundtrack!

Spring Break is finally here!!

And so are the music playlists!!!

We have a total of 17 submitted playlists. 12 Spotify playlists, that you will have to enjoy by opening that application; and 5 Youtube playlists that you can enjoy simply by clicking the links.

We got all kinds of genres; from Opera to Rock, from Folk to Trap. Whether you're going to the beach, climbing the mountains, driving through America, or just staying at home.... your music situation has now been sorted out!!!

Now Vote!! Vote for your favorite playlists!

Go to the main page of ITAL and scroll down to the comment section. There, you can find your favorite playlists and "like" them. The person with the most number of "likes" and "comments" will win a $50 gift certificate to a local Italian restaurant. Winner will be announced on March 19th.

Buone Feste!!!!

Here are all the playlists for you to enjoy... Jam them out!!!! ; )

Thanks to everyone who participated, you have made our Spring Break so much better!!

Youtube Playlists:

Kristina Tipton:

Sarah Johannesen:

Julia Vastano:

Brianna Cook:

Spotify Playlists:

Anna McMillan:

Brittany Marsh:

Alyssa Field:

Brianna Zimmerman:

Claire Inge:

Kate Pavlas:

Oskar Graziosi:

Amanda Martin:

Morgan Laird:

Tiffany Hammond:

Give it up for the 611 Instructors who have also shared their playlists!!!:

Amanda Bush:

Vanessa Fanelli

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