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Watch Tiramisu For Two in San Marcos, TX

ITAL's celebrated Texan Italian comedy Tiramisu For Two will be playing on Thursday, February 19th at Texas State University. This is a very unique opportunity for you to watch our ITAL feature film on the big screen, as part of a special event organized by the wonderful Dr. Moira Di Mauro-Jackson and and the Department of Modern Languages at Texas State University. If you are an ITAL member and you have yet to see Tiramisu For Two, you really are missing out on your full ITAL experience!! TFT is one of the most important elements of our project, a feature comedy film that took us over 5 years to create!! If you are in Austin and interested in attending the event, let us know so we can figure out a Car-Pooling scenario that could make the trip to San Marcos a bit easier. BTW, we totally encourage you to travel to this little awesome town if you have yet to do it, it is really one of the prettiest spots in Texas.

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