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A little taste of Italy in Austin

This quaint gelato shop located on 1st street in downtown Austin, is truly not the place to miss. A great gelato place is hard to find, but Dolce Neve is here to satisfy our sweet tooth cravings. You will not regret stopping by for some amazing and authentic gelato and a relaxing ambiance to go along with it.

There is seating both outside for warmer days and inside during the colder days when we still need to satisfy our gelato needs. From the succulents placed around the shop to the art pieces that hung on the walls, Dolce Neve creates a perfect space that allows you to enjoy a good dessert in a nice setting. Gelato is great but space surrounding made it all so much better.

As soon as I walked in I was greeted and welcomed in by an employee, and some up beat tunes that put a smile on my face. The various and unique flavors offered at Dolce Neve (which do rotate around some 300 flavors), might be overwhelming at first glance, but you are free to get a taste of however many to decide which you enjoy the most. Some of their most notable flavors include Crema Dolce Neve (Custard with Lemon Zest), Coconut Milk and Black Raspberry Jam (which is vegan), and Vanilla from Madagascar.

I tried several flavors including Tiramisu and the Dolce Neve which were just as tasty as they sound. The three sizes of servings offered (small, medium and large) can include more than just one flavor. With as many of the delicious flavors they have, it is very convenient and exciting to get the best of both worlds. Or in some cases three or four worlds of flavors depending on what size you choose.

I went with the small size and got the tiramisu flavor and the chocolate to go along with it. On a Friday afternoon after several long and busy days, this was definitely a great way to end my week. Dolce Neve is the perfect name for the gelato parlor, with its delectably sweet ice-cream. Italy may be far from Austin but thanks to Francesca, Leo and Marco, the owners of Dolce Neve, we don’t have to travel so far to get a little taste of Italy.

While enjoying the gelato I got to even sneak a peek of how it was all made. Under a sign that reads “We do it in front of everyone” was an employee crafting the gelato for everyone to see. It was very interesting and pleasing to take a look at how the tasty gelato I was eating was made.

And if you think gelato is the only thing Dolce Neve provides, think again. There are also delicious and crisp waffle cones to go great with the gelato. And maybe after you might be interested in a warm cappuccino to top off the experience.

There is never a wrong time for gelato, and it is something none of us want to miss out on. Lucky for those of us that live in Austin, Dolce Neve is a great place to stop by and treat yourself! Whether it be to meet with friends or read a book, I highly encourage everyone to take a trip down to 1st street and visit. You are sure in for a treat!


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