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A Simple Guide to Italian Politics

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

Look, we know, understanding Italian politics can be a really frustrating task. What do you mean the president does not really run the country? What do you mean that sometimes it takes weeks for a government to be formed after the general elections?

To answer some of these basic questions, we enlisted the help of Vanessa, Guido and Elisa, three wonderful Phd students at the University of Texas at Austin. The result is another ITAL video story that we have titled “Simple Guide to Italian Politics”.

In the video we also spend some time talking about how Italian politics work outside of Italy. We cover some basic info about the COMITES organization and the other very unique forms that exist to represent the interests of Italians living abroad. We thank Mary Ann Webster and all other members of the Houston Comites for their participation.

Video is in English and Italian to make it easier for you to understand! ; )


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