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Battle of the Storytellers - Monday May 9th

Ciao a tutti!

ITAL's May 9th event is right around the corner - actually, less than one week! I can't believe it and am so excited. I hope to see y'all there! 

Here are some of the deets:

The event will take place in Calhoun Hall (CAL 100) located on UT campus. If you're not familiar with where Calhoun is, it is behind the Harry Ransom Center off of 21st and Guadalupe, and is also part of the 6 pack between Parlin and Homer Rainey Hall. Click on this link to see a detailed map!

Make sure to get there by 6 pm to get a good seat!

Doors will close at 6:10, in which the event will promptly begin. We are very excited to announce that the judges for this event will be: Giorgio Serafini, Rodolfo and Angela Ambrosetti, Paul Ramirez, Carlos Cartagena, Vanessa Fanelli, Nancy Schiesari, Paola Bonifazio, Antonio Romero, Irene Eibenstein-Alvisi, Moira Di-Mauro Jackson, Paolo Papi, as well as Pierpaolo Panico, Simona Borruso, along with other spectators from Rome.

The judges will be presented with the top video from each of the five ITL 611 classes. The students created these videos in response to Module 4, Raccontami Una Storia di Roma. Before the winner is announced by the judges, there will also be a special musical performance! I don't want to give too many details away though - you'll just have to come and see for yourself! :) 

The winning team will get a great care package with all kinds of amazing gift certificates that were donated by local Texan Italian businesses such as Lucky’s Puccia, Dolce Neve, and Michael Angelo’s.  

There is also a very special prize we are very honored to be able to give to the winning team: Hand crafted pieces of art that were donated by Domenico Dell'Osso, a world renowned artist from the city of Matera.

We also have a few prizes for the audience, including a gift certificate from Quattro Gatti, a local Italian restaurant. 

Spero di vedervi lunedì!



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