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Benvenuti a ITAL Julia & Krista!

We are very excited to announce that Julia and Krista will collaborate with ITAL this semester.

Please watch for their upcoming posts on the ITAL blog.  Recently they attended an event for the Austin chapter of the Italy America Chamber of Commerce, stay tuned for an upcoming blog story where they describe their experience. 

Krista and Julia discovered ITAL during their ITL 611 course.  They also participated in the play production class (Italian Drama Workshop) offered by Antonella Olson in Fall 2015. Julia and Krista are currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Italian at UT.  They have experience in media making and a true passion for Italy and anything Italian!   

Thanks for joining us this semester Julia and Krista.  

We look forward to reading and watching your stories on the ITAL blog.     We will put together a little recap of all of their stories and play them at the upcoming end-of-semester community event on May 7th.   More details about that soon.


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