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Breve e Dolce

We have been thinking of ways to update content on a regular basis without making it insanely hard on us.    Dont get us wrong, We love making full blown ITAL videos, but they require quite a bit of time from our part and we also want to make sure we're able to provide you with little bits of Italian culture (ITAL style) on a regular basis. 

Introducing "Breve e Dolce!"    

A way for us to record conversations and upload them without having to spend days in writing/editing/polishing the content

For this first episode, of what we hope can be many, we feature Pier Paolo, a chef who specializes on Vegetarian (and Fish/Seafood) Italian cuisine.   Pier Paolo has very strong opinions about many things.  In this short video, Sergio uses his crappy Italian (italo-spanish-english mix) to push Pier's buttons and spark an interesting conversation.   Please see Sergio's Italian as inspiration for you to engage in similar conversations with Italians, rather than guidance on proper use of Italian, for guidance make sure you work with a good Italian instructor.   

Also featured in this video, Simona, Giulia, Daria, Mattia, Silvia, and Valerio. Valerio, a professional in the Audio/Visual field, took awesome pictures that day of our passeggiata.  You can see his pictures by clicking here.

Please let us know how much you like this idea of Breve e Dolce.  If you find it helpful and useful, we will continue on doing it.  


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