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It's all about Tiramisu for Two!!

On December 2nd we had an EPIC hometown premiere in San Marcos, Texas.  It was a red-carpet crazy night that we will always remember.  For starters, we had the Honorable Consul of Italy Elena Sgarbi provide opening remarks and the mayor of San Marcos Daniel Guerrero read an official proclamation making that day "The Texan-Italian Day in San Marcos!"   We were also blessed to count with all the support from Texas State University, including the opportunity to collaborate with Dean John Fleming and Dean Andrea Golato and their teams, it was an amazing experience.   What else?, the entire amazing cast was there, including Bobby Olson, Jolyn Janis, Daniel Hill, David Harper, Melody Chase and the wonderful Peter Gonzales-Falcon.   Even the "cornacchia" made an appearance!

Now what?  Well.. for now... behold..  the trailer of Tiramisu for Two (see below).  

Next year we will be promoting the film b touring the US and Italy with it; so if you want us to come to your community, definitely let us know.   

Which reminds me... we are VERY thankful for all the support we have gotten from all of you.  It is very amazing to learn how ITAL has touched the lives of so many people.     We apologize for being inconsistent sometimes with our posts, to be honest, it has been tough at times to keep this page going... that said... having made ITAL/Tiramisu for Two has been one of the best things we could have ever done.   It has been worth all the effort, especially when we get emails from all over the world (Austrlia, Israel, Uk, etc) telling us how much they appreciate this project.    

How to watch Tiramisu for Two?

Well, If you are in Central Texas, you will get another opportunity to see the film in local theaters very soon. If you live outside of Texas, well... pre-order your DvD, we will ship it out to you after January 15th.   If you like what we do, then you will love this film, which is in our eyes, the crown jewel of ITAL and an amazing tool to learn Italian.  

Ciao Everyone! 

These past few months it has been all about Tiramisu for Two, our very awesome ITAL movie!!   It took four years to create but we finally did it!


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