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ITAL 2017

Can you believe that we started this project 5 years ago?    During that time period we have done a million interesting things, met tons of folks and inspired thousands of people who were interested in learning more about Italian and Texan Italian culture.    We have also started and stopped the project several times, almost like a long off and on relationship, which is usually more "on" than "off".   So where is the ITAL project right now and where is it heading?   Well, having finished our film "tiramisu for two",  we are devoting a great deal of our time to showing this wonderful achievement with as many people as we possibly can.   It is because of this that after our historic theater run in Central Texas, we are now working on creating a Fall tour, which will visit several departments of Italian across the US as well as Italian cultural centers.   The 3 hour experience includes the film and a talk about the creation of ITAL, as well as the screening of some of the most loved stories we made for this project.       We have also introduced ITAL merchandise, which is something some folks had asked us for, and can now be purchased by going here.     The future?   We will for sure finish our ITAL book this year and continue on infecting people with the same enthusiasm about life that everyone who has followed us knows very well.   On that note, please let us know how ITAL has affected your life, we are interested in knowing those stories and making them part of our epic book.  


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