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ITAL Contest - Make your own movie night

In celebration of the release of our comedy Tiramisu For Two, we have created a new exciting ITAL contest which will run until Valentine’s day.    

Here’s how you can participate:

1)- Set up a movie night with your peers, friends, family members, lover(s), pets, whoever you want... but it must be with someone else!    

2)- Have a pre-show.  During this pre-show you must eat/cook something Italian (any ITAL recipe would do), play some Italian music (such as our ITAL mixes), and spend some time talking to each other and getting in the Texan Italian spirit!   

3) Dim all lights, turn up the volume, and watch Tiramisu For Two. All members who have completed the feedback form will receive the link to watch the film. 

4) While watching TFT, make sure everyone SCREAMS!! Whenever the “Cornacchia Romana” character appears!!!    The character is easy to spot, it has a crow face!!!  ; )

5) After watching TFT, record your review of your Texan Italian night and send to us at  You can write an email, send us pictures, send us a youtube video,  however you want to document your night. 

All entries have to be submitted by February 15th, we will pick the winner on February 18th.    We will unveil the prize soon, it will be nice.   We will also have runner-up prizes for our favorite 2nd and 3rd.     This is your time to win something cool and have a great time.      Make sure to describe your Texan Italian night on your review, including something about the food you ate and how the overall evening came together and unfolded.  

If you need any help in coming up with recipes or music ideas for your pre-show, just let us know.  Email with subject line: Need help with TFT Screening contest

In bocca al lupo!


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