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ITAL's first Spotify playlist

A week ago we wrote a blog about the importance of music in your language learning experience. In that blog we talked about how having your own favorite Italian music artists can help you take your Italian to the next level in an easy and fun way.     

Today we present to you our first Spotify playlist; with over 60 hand picked songs just for you.   

This particular playlist is devoted to FrenchItalian trap, a genre that has taken over Italy the past couple of years.    Please be advised, that most of the songs in the playlist contain explicit content, so listen at your own discretion.   

We will be posting other lists soon with other genres such as classical, rock, pop, oldies, etc.    We will also be asking professors and instructors of Italian to share their playlists with the entire community, so stay tuned!    Please also share your playlists with us in the Home page comment section!!   


You can find lyrics to all songs featured in this playlist by simply googling the name of the song along the word "lyrics".  Learning the lyrics of songs (and singing them) is an incredible way to improve your vocabulary, pronunciation and listening/comprehension skills.   

We hope you enjoy our first Spotify playlist, titled FRENCHITALIAN TRAPZONE.

You can also check out other very interesting playlists by visiting Italia Music Export (, a very cool site that promotes Italian music.  They have different genres up and their selection of tunes is quite nice.


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