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ITAL TOP 10 Blog Posts

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

After 6 years of creating and sharing stories in this epic "storytelling ecosystem" called ITAL, we have come to amass a pretty good amount of content.   That said, sometimes getting to that content is a bit hard, especially when it comes to our blog posts.  It requires a great deal of patience, which let's be honest, none of us have!

Sergio interviews Italian filmmaker Martina Pastori

So, in the spirit of making things easier for all of you, here's a list of our top 10 favorite blog posts from the past. We encourage you to give them a read; some of them include a good number of cool videos and pictures.  We feel you may find them interesting and entertaining.

Please remember all of this content was created with a great deal of heart, after all, that is what this non-for-profit effort has been all about since the beginning, about doing things with heart.

In this blog, Sergio talks about racism in Italy, a controversial topic which he tackles from a non-political perspective.  This blog is enhanced with awesome interviews with Dr Paola Bonifazio and a former UT student Theo Kadia. 2. 6 Steps to write your digital story In these blog posts we give you different tips to make the best out of your language learning experience.  We provide advice on how to create your digital story, as well as how to improve your Italian by doing extra curricular activities that we personally enjoy.  

SXSW 2019 is around the corner and we're all very excited about it.   Here's a very special blog post we created for SXSW 2018, when we spent a good amount of time hanging out with the amazing Italian artists who came to visit Central Texas. 

Talking about music, here's our first ITAL playlist, featuring some of the best tunes that came out during the Italian Trap renaissance that occurred between 2015-2018.   

Press play, chill with the FrenchItalian Trap Zone.

Maybe you have heard about ITAL's feature film "Tiramisu for Two", after all it is available for all of you to watch by simply requesting the code through ITAL's homepage.   Now, did you know how was this amazing project made?  You may be surprised to learn everything we went through to bring it to life, learn more about it in this blog post.

Ahh, crazy chef Panico! the star of our Module 4, which you will be exploring quite a bit this semester.   He is one of the most interesting characters we have met in Italy; charismatic, opinionated, talented and overall, a great friend.  Here are two blog posts that feature him.

One of our favorite blog posts is this awesome interview with accomplished video director Martina Pastori.   She is responsible for creating iconic videos such as Ghali's "Ninna Nanna" and "Willy Willy".  Check it out.


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