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Updated: Feb 10, 2019

Rejoice, SXSW is around the corner! For the first time, probably ever, the iconic media conference will be happening BEFORE Spring Break.  This means, that you may have a great chance to catch many of these shows and still hit the beach afterwards! 

For this year's event, there are already over 12 Italian bands already confirmed. They will all be playing different events throughout the week, including many exciting free shows, therefore you have zero excuses to miss them!  Also this year, the Italy Music Export office will be once again coming to Austin, Texas to support the different artists that will be in the city.  This relatively newly established entity, commanded by Italian music veteran Nur Al Habash, has a great site in English that you should check often (; their work has been crucial in promoting all the amazing acts that have come out of Italy in recent years as part of a new "Italian renaissance."

Check below some Youtube videos from some of the many bands coming.   We're also adding some dates for some of the key events that you most-definitely want to attend!  

We will have more information about these opportunities later on, including tickets and information for RSVP.   Our ITAL collaborators this semester will also spend a great deal of time writing stories about these wonderful Italian acts that will be in our home town.

Events you do not want to miss (more info soon): - WWNBB night @ Velveeta Room (Sixth Street) on Wednesday evening - Italy @SXSW showcase (organized by FIMI) - Stephen F's Bar (Intercontinental Hotel on Congress) on Thursday evening - Italian boat party -  on Saturday afternoon (Town Lake, Austn - More info coming soon!!!)

Full list of Italian bands coming: Be Forest Birthh Her Skin YOY Baseball Gregg Any Other Giungla Rev Rev Rev Damien McFly Mascari Mirì La Terza Classe + Husky Loops - they're all Italian from Bologna but have been living in the UK for the past 6 years, and are showcasing as a British act.


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