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Looking for the perfect Pasta plate in Austin

photo by Ben Neale

When we started ITAL, there were a very limited number of Italian restaurants in Austin, Texas.  Then the Austin-Italian boom started! In less than 5 years, dozens of Italian restaurants were started, closed and re-named, transforming our Texas Capital into some type of Italian cuisine mecca. 

On that note, we found this really cool map/list from Eater which shows the 20 "Must-Try" restaurants for pasta in Austin.   Most of the options they name opened after the Austin-Italian boom, though the list does have some favorite classics such as Andiamo Ristorante, Asti and Vespaio.

photo by Jorge Zapata

Most of these restaurants are on the "moderate" to "expensive" category, with pasta dishes that will range from $11 to $25. The most affordable option may be Patrizi's, a beloved food truck that has become very popular among UT students (especially those studying Italian).   We encourage you to go out and try some of these eateries and send us your review along with a picture!! 

photo by Igor Miske

check out list here:

Feeling like staying home and cooking instead?

Then you should try this ITAL recipe, which is light and fantastic.  


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