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Meet the Bobcats!

We are excited to introduce to you four amazing students from Texas State University who are taking the ITAL class this semester. They are being guided by the one and only

Dr. Moira Di Mauro Jackson.  She is someone we feature in ITAL's Texan Italian Stories episode 4 as well as the Italian teacher in ITAL"s film Tiramisu For Two. We are very much looking forward to the digital story these guys are creating.    

Here's some information about them so you can get to know more people from the ITAL community.


My name is Elizabeth Cowan. Our team will be winning this competition because of our abroad trips, specifically to Italy, and the willingness to put forth the effort into learning about the Italian culture. Italy is unique and extremely beautiful with so many diverse people living in one country. Not only is this what attracted me to it in the first place, but the language sounds like a song.

My Texas State University Major is International Studies, concentrated in International Relations, with a minor in geography. The reason I picked this major is because I feel strongly in understanding the cultures around the world and to become knowledgeable of the people and events around me.


My name is Josh Gonzalez. I am a senior at Texas State University majoring in anthropology, with a minor in Medieval Studies. I chose my major and minor because I've always been interested in the past. I would like to become an archaeologist or work in a museum someday.

I say Italian is relevant due to the cultural and linguistic impact it has made across western civilization throughout different periods such as Roman Empire or the Renaissance. I've been a fan of Italian cuisine since I was a child, and what I've learned of the culture through study, so picking food & hospitality as a theme simply made sense.


My name is Daniel Luevano. I’m currently a senior at Texas State University and I’m studying psychology with a minor in forensic criminology. I picked this major because I am fascinated with the human brain and the way it works.

I studied abroad in the Amalfi Coast two years ago and it was the best experience of my entire life. Before studying abroad, I was interested in Italian fashion and the way that Italian’s uphold their character. We chose food and hospitability as our theme because we thought that in order to dive into a culture that you’ve never experienced before why not try the food first!


Ciao! My name is Jacy Butcher.

I am a senior at Texas State University.

I am majoring in political science and minoring in sociology because of my interest in politics and the study of human nature. My team “Sudovest” will win this competition because we all have a love for Italy and Texas. So, we are thrilled to be able to show the Italian culture in Austin, TX.

Italy is most fascinating to me because of the fashion and beauty of the Italian people. I was attracted to study in Italy because I wanted to experience the details of the Italian fashion, beauty and architecture first hand. I think Italian is more relevant than it has ever been because many Italian brands and business are in the United States.


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