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Music spotlight: Fabrizio Cammarata

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

This past March we had the chance to hang with different Italian artists who came to perform at the iconic SxSw conference.    One of those artists was Fabrizio Cammarata, someone who we had met a few years ago and had featured in our last episode of the Texan Italian Stories “The Tex-Mex Italians”.

We are currently preparing a nice short documentary about our Italian SxSw experience which will come out as part of the upcoming ITAL newsletter (May 4th).   In the meantime, as a very special treat, here’s a nice video-Recap we created for Fabrizio using his song “Mi Vida”, which is available in his latest album “Of Shadows”.

Another fantastic Italian artist who graced the stages in Austin that we also had the chance to meet was Joan Thiele.  Both Joan & Fabrizio sing mostly in English; however, they do have their own very interesting flair that sets them apart from most American bands.    We invite you to explore their music and stay tuned for our upcoming newsletter where we will be talking more in depth about these fantastic artists.  

To help expand your Italian music knowledge, here’s Joan Thiele's super catchy song that can easily get stuck in your head replaying itself in an infinite loop: “A-R-M-E-N-I-A!!”


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